OutBack Dining Experience.

About The Event



Our aim this year is to show our guests a wonderful marriage of first nation and white cultures, through our delicious food flavoured from our native bush. We want to send your taste buds on a wild ride for the night, so don't miss it!


Join us at The Edge Retreat to dine on the earth in the small town of Clunes known as the Tuggra Region. Our new traditional cooking experience  Dinner/tour is a Tribute to all First nation people helping the stockman survive the Australian outback.

Thank you to all the First nations Cooks that reached out even under adversity that came before us...


Using only the best native bush tucker food, you will cook some native and non-native meats and Dampers are flavoured with Native Bush fruits, foods, herbs and spices for a taste sensation. Dine, around the campfire, with your hostess, Avalon or Tony, who will look after you, while you decide and enjoy what is best to put with the meal you learn to prepare. True dream time stories, and interactions and creative art on your own clapping sticks. Don't let this culture disappear. Ask us about water wells, shelter trees, and Tuggra land! 

From open-air dining and traditional bush tucker tastings to bush yarns and sacred walks, every experience combines local first nation culture with native flavours.

Join this 

Bush Food Experience. 

Learn about native ingredients. At The Edge Retreat, Talks about the skill of a hunter and its spears, clubs, and boomerangs. Learn the gatherers' ways as you discover how first nation people traditionally lived by using natural tools.

Ancient flavours take center stage at each person's prepping table space around campfire experiences; 

For the guest that just wants to take part in our 4-hour cooking program.

Price: $250 per person

Minimum of 6 people.

For the guests that want to take part in the 4-hour cooking program, 4-hour tour, and overnight accommodation stay. 

Price $380 per person

Minimum of 2 people

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