Then we highly recommend you head out to a beautiful display of Garden Art. Dedicated to creating beautiful hand-made decorative metalwork of all kinds. Owner and artisan David Dawson background in welding and a passion for design. Brings those two elements together to create Overwrought Garden Art. Sculpture Garden and Gallery,

Located in Blampied only 15 minutes from the popular tourist town of Clunes, @theedgeretreat which is one and a half hours from Melbourne.

Here Overwrought sells a combination of Davids designs as well as a range of work from many other local artists, artisans, and makers. This range includes paintings, ceramics, jewelry, photography, woodwork, handbags, fiber arts, artisans teas, and soaps. With so many talented artists in this region, Overwrought have chosen art that inspires us at The Edge Retreat and compliments the naturalistic feel of their gallery environment. Overwrought is a tranquil haven to explore and relax in. A place of peace to contemplate the art in a natural environment. They would love to see you and we look forward to you telling us about your experience there.